ATTI's headquarters is located at 6001 S. Savoy Drive in Houston, TX just outside the inter loop (Hwy 610) off of Highway 59.

ATTI Provides GPS Fleet Management That Reduces Fleet Costs And Raises Fleet Efficiency

Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) is a Houston-based GPS Tracking Manufacturer. As an industry leader in GPS based fleet management, ATTI is committed to assisting companies reduce operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently.

ATTI began product development in 1995 and was incorporated in 1998 giving us nearly two decades of experience in the design, manufacturing, and sales of GPS tracking products. We manufacture a variety of systems to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Whether in government or the public sector, the bottom line for mobile fleet management is performance and cost; achieving maximum results under budgetary constraints. Utilizing satellite technology developed by the Department of Defense, Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. has done just that for private businesses and government agencies alike, maximizing fleet performance and efficiency while minimizing costs. ATTI offers a suite of Global Positioning System devices and software for fleet monitoring under the product line Shadow Tracker®.