Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. vehicle GPS tracking solutions are available in Arkansas, as well as all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Here are a few reasons why our customers in Arkansas use ATTI’s Fleet Management Tools:

  • Effectively Manage a Mobile Workforce
  • Improved Fleet Dispatching
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Improved Invoicing and Provide Proof of Service

What our customers are saying:

Coors of Western Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR

The ATTI units allow us to effectively monitor the speeds and driving habits of our delivery drivers. The feedback we now can provide to our drivers will make them safer drivers and, ultimately, influence our insurance costs.

We can now compare the times it takes drivers to deliver products. This can pinpoint inefficiency on the part of the driver, but it can also show inefficiency at certain locations due to other factors – which we can then focus on in order to make all of our deliveries prompt and efficient.

Route efficiency – Because we can see the routes actually driven, we can pinpoint poor routing like back tracking and take the steps necessary to deliver out products in the most fuel efficient and least costly manner. Knowing what is actually going on once a truck leaves our facility is a great management tool.

White’s Heating & Air Conditioning
Hot Springs, AR

I have a small HVAC company utilizing three service vans. I had considered for years of putting a GPS tracking package on these vehicles but not knowing if it really would make that much of a difference, I just never really pulled the trigger.

I finally took that next step back in August of 2010 and installed your system on all three vehicles. After just a month of use, I realized what a mistake I had made…not in getting your system but in waiting as long as I did to do so.

It took only those few short weeks to train my technicians to control their wasteful time, speeding, allowing the vehicle to set for too long a period of time while running, making unauthorized detours, etc.

The taking of more direct routes and reduction of side excursions, the reduced speeding and allowing the vans to idle to long are all well under control and have save this company time and money…both so vital to success.

At the affordable rates that are now available, I would highly recommend to any company that has one or more vehicles, at any time out of their sight and control, to use your system. I am confident they too will see an increase in savings and a reduction in waste of mileage, gas and time. They will also gain more confidence and greater peace of mind in having more control and up-to-date knowledge of where and what their employees are doing. With today’s liability concerns, just having that greater peace of mind is worth the price.

Thanks you for your help and your support before, during and after the sell. We are very satisfied with ATTI.

Acme Pest Control
West Memphis, AR

The benefits are due to the fact all of my technicians are basically “on their own” once they leave my office in their service vehicle.

The system allows me to:

See how long they are at a stop and that the time matches what they put on their service order.

If a customer complains that our service was too quick, I can see how long my technician was there.

I can check if they are loafing and spending too much time for lunch, etc.

I get alerts if a technician goes home during the day or if they cross into geofences to places they are not supposed to be.

Check speeds if they are driving too fast.
Check whereabouts and times if there is an accusation of theft in a customer’s home or business.

Give technicians directions from their current location; particularly, if they get lost in rural areas.

In the rare event a technician takes a service truck home for the night, I know if they used the truck after hours for personal business or are servicing someone “on the side.”

Make sure they are running their routes in an efficient manner – not “zig-zagging” all over the place.

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