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5 Ways to Improve Fleet Productivity

A thriving business is always looking for new ways to increase productivity while maintaining employee safety. Time is the most valuable asset and accomplishing more in the lowest possible time period is crucial to maximizing company profits. Our GPS tracking technology is uniquely designed to give business owners the vital information they need in order to reduce costs, improve productivity, and ensure the safety of their mobile workforce. Here are a few ways that Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. can help you optimize your fleet’s performance.

#1 Reduce Fuel Costs

Employee driving habits have an important impact on a company’s fuel costs, and poor driver habits can waste a substantial amount of fuel. Our GPS tracking software gives you the ability to see which driver is operating at inappropriate speeds or idling for an extended period of time. Correcting this behavior requires consistent observation and ATTI products can help you monitor behavior without having to be at the office. With automated alerts, you’ll be notified in real-time whenever a speeding violation has occurred, or a vehicle has been idling for any specific time. An alert can also be sent to the driver, allowing you to effectively eliminate inappropriate driving habits and reduce fuel costs immediately.

#2 Optimize Routing and GeoFencing

Efficient routing for fleet vehicles not only reduces fuel costs, but also enhances customer service. Real-time 10-second updates and detailed information regarding route history allows you to know every road an employee has taken to reach their destination. With the fleet data provided to you by our GPS tracking technology, you can see which routes are taking up the most time. Our GeoFencing feature available on our GPS reporting dashboard allows you to map the areas that you expect your fleet to operate in. When a vehicle exits a designated area, you’ll be notified immediately with an automated alert.

#3 Eliminate Unauthorized Usage-

One of the most notable benefits of Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. is that our products give you piece-of-mind as to where any company vehicle is at any given time. Our fleet tracking devices eliminate any suspicion of improper vehicle usage by giving you the necessary tools to hold your workforce accountable. Efficiently adjust your fleet to keep a productive schedule and reduce the number of unauthorized stops.

#4 Reduce Employee Overtime

Accurately calculating the work hours of mobile employees can sometimes be a difficult task. With driver time tracking software, employee entry times come with additional security and verification. Work hours are calculated automatically, and payroll preparation is reduced. Our time tracking devices include a biometric keypad that allows for punch-ins via keypad, fingerprint, or RFID card. This time punching system eliminates the opportunity for employee time theft and encourages positive attendance habits.

#5 Vehicle Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your fleet vehicles helps to reduce the risk of a breakdown during use. Maintenance scheduling is a great way to keep costs low but can be difficult with each vehicle’s mileage change. Our GPS tracking technology records the mileage travelled by each vehicle in your fleet. With automated alerts, you can be notified whenever a vehicle is due for maintenance. Regular reports can also be scheduled using your own metrics to personalize the preferences used when determining a vehicle’s need for maintenance.