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Agriculture: Productivity and Asset Protection

Managing an agricultural business comes with many complex and unique challenges. Many landowners are responsible for maintaining hundreds of acres of farm land, and in most cases, vehicles are needed in order to tend to these large amounts of land. The use of GPS tracking services assists workers and landowners with many farming tasks. Machine operated tasks such as fertilizing, cultivating, harvesting, and pest control can all be simplified through optimized vehicle routing.

Our tracking technology gives agricultural business owners information that can be used to directly improve productivity. With the GPS reporting dashboard, equipment monitoring is done in real-time and route adjustments can be made in an instant. This allows agricultural business owners to ensure their vehicles are in the correct locations and covering intended areas. This drastically reduces the possibility of unnecessary fuel consumption and wasted work time.

A primary feature from our GPS tracking technology that many landowners utilize is the historical fleet data that records and electronically stores vital vehicle information. With instantly accessible historical data, landowners can analyze vehicle and equipment trends dating back to a 1-year period. This feature is especially favored among landowners because of the detailed reports that can be generated over any specified period of time. Historical data can be used to determine the average days’ work of any vehicle, the routes an operator took, how much land any operator covered, and much more. Using this feature helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency by identifying and eliminating any causes of wasted miles and work. In addition, all historical fleet data is stored electronically, eliminating the need for paper records and making data accessibility much easier.

A major concern among agricultural business owners is vehicle and equipment theft. The farming industry commonly operates in remote locations over large stretches of land. In this field of business, a conventional sounding alarm on such expensive vehicles isn’t very practical given they are often left miles away from any populated areas. Our GPS tracking technology is designed to provide a solution to this unique problem. In the event of vehicle theft, automated alerts can be set to notify you through the GPS reporting dashboard or mobile device when a vehicle is started or begins to move. ATTI’s newest tracking device, the Shadow Tracker® Vision III™, is installed into each vehicle through three separate connections: ground, ignition, and power. Any tampering with these connections is immediately alerted to you via your reporting dashboard or mobile device. The tracker’s lithium ion battery serves as a power back-up that will allow the device to remain online and trackable after tampering.

Large farming equipment is equally as susceptible to theft, and our Satellite Asset Tracker will give you instant asset protection upon integration. With a secondary power supply provided by (4) AAA batteries, the asset tracker includes a battery life of up to 1.5 years. This device is fully integrated with Shadow Tracker® Live Vehicle Tracking. Allowing for asset location management and protection at all times, including the event of theft. Our technology provides added security to assets that has saved agricultural business owners who have experienced theft valuable time and money.