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What Sets ATTI Apart in GPS Fleet Tracking

Who We Are

Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) began product development in 1995 as a Houston-based GPS tracking manufacturer. We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and sales of GPS tracking products. With over twenty years of experience in GPS fleet tracking, we’ve assisted companies across the nation with efficiently managing and optimizing their vehicle workforce.

Our Goal

We at ATTI strive to ultimately save you money by providing a variety of fleet management products and services that allows you to conveniently monitor your mobile assets. Being a vertically integrated U.S manufacturer and software company, we are able to provide the very best to our customers and assist to meet any fleet tracking needs. We understand that taking the steps to a more efficient fleet is an investment and a change. Our competitive pricing is set to maximize the probability of a quick return-on-investment. The integration of our fleet tracking technology is designed to be almost seamless with our easy-to-use software and dedicated service team ready to help you every step of the way. We provide more for less in order for you track and optimize your mobile assets while saving valuable time and money.

What We Offer

Hardware & Software

There is much to consider when deciding which GPS tracking service will meet your needs. ATTI knows that there is no one-step solution to suit every company’s unique challenges. Unlike most fleet management companies, we pride ourselves in producing our own hardware and developing our own software that can be customized to meet virtually any of your asset tracking needs.

ATTI-designed hardware and software include:

*We aim to provide tracking services almost anywhere in North America with service availability in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


By choosing ATTI, you’ll have access to our dedicated and professional service team available to assist you in using our GPS tracking technology to effectively manage your fleet. These services include:

  • Shadow Tracker® Live Training Courses
  • Software Integration Services
  • Friendly Technical Support Team


Our GPS tracking technology is fine-tuned and constantly improved based on customer feedback to help companies reach their fleet management goals. With ATTI, you’ll be able to closely monitor vehicle activity and driving patterns. Vehicle fleet tracking gives you the opportunity to adjust your fleet to be more efficient and reduce costs. These are a few of many benefits that come with using our GPS fleet tracking products and their features. Want to know what companies already using our GPS tracking technologies are saying? Read some of the testimonials we receive daily from thousands of companies we’ve helped to manage and optimize their mobile workforce.