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Green Fleets: How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Fleet

green-fleetsSmall steps to going green on a daily basis have a huge impact on the environment – and your wallet. Likewise, seemingly small driver behaviors can have a huge impact on ROI. Overtime, speeding, excessive idling and unnecessary drive time accumulate to thousands of additional dollars that fleets spend on fuel each year. This excessive fuel waste also adversely affects the environment, contributing the global warming, air, water and land pollution.

How Create a “Green Fleet” with GPS Tracking

The concept is simple, yet extremely effective: reduce idle engine time, reduce speeding and reduce the vehicle mileage to decrease fuel usage. Setting standards for your fleet drivers can help them be mindful of their driving habits, but how can you measurably enforce these guidelines? With GPS tracking, you can remotely monitor and enforce your fleet driving procedures at any time.

Our advanced GPS software allows you to pinpoint your vehicles’ exact locations 24/7, making it possible for you to efficiently dispatch your fleet to the nearest customer locations. This is especially beneficial in time sensitive situations. Analyzing driver routes in real time also makes it easier to reduce mileage by planning your paths to avoid overlap between vehicles. GPS tracking also totals to amount of idle time and each instance of speeding, alerting you when idling reaches a certain threshold or if a driver speeds. This way, you can hold individual drivers accountable for their actions and work with them to solve the problem. Each of these solutions work together to increase your fleet productivity and reduce the impact your fleet has on the environment.

Green Fleet Key Features

  • Decrease in overall fuel consumption
  • Improve air quality with lower the emissions of vehicles due to reduced usage
  • Require less vehicle maintenance due to reduced usage
  • Save money while saving the planet

How Much Can You Save with GPS Systems?

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, engine idling can waste as much as $70-650 a year, per vehicle. For large fleets, this money adds up fast. Idling for just 10 seconds wastes more fuel than restarting the engine. Another small adjustment drivers can make relates to their speed. Excessive speeding is unsafe and wasteful. Fuel Economy reports that, generally, any vehicle going over 50 mph is wasting fuel. For speed limits at 65 or 70, going just 5mph over can cost you an additional 7-14% in fuel costs. Once you have corrected driver behavior, you can then optimize their routes. By using our geofencing technology and reducing vehicle mileage, we have seen our clients save as much as $30,000 a year on fuel.

Other Ways to “Go Green” at Work

Aside from your fleet, there are many other small changes you can make around the office to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and save you money. Remember, a little effort can have a big impact.

  • Promote the use of reusable water bottles and coffee cups. This reduces the amount of waste and save you money of restocking supplies.
  • Reduce the amount of physical paper work and go digital. This includes electronic timesheets and filing systems which streamline the organization and logging processes.
  • Recycle any boxes or packages from office supplies. When you do have waste, make sure you recycle it.
  • Install automatic lights that only turn on when someone is in the room to reduce your energy bills.