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GPS Fleet Tracking: Customer Satisfaction

It goes without saying that one of the most vital parts of a business is the customers themselves. Specifically, the satisfaction of those customers overall. So, when mobile businesses encounter frequently unsatisfied customers, how can improvements be made to fix the issue? A challenging problem for any fleet manager, and difficult to address without being in each vehicle at all times.

That’s exactly where GPS tracking puts you. Our tracking technology allows for simultaneous reporting on every fleet vehicle in the field in real time. Giving you vital fleet information conveniently accessible from your PC or mobile device. Providing all of the necessary tools needed to improve customer satisfaction without ever leaving the office.

On Time Deliveries

Nothing can be more irritating for a customer than expecting a delivery that isn’t on time. Monitoring your driver’s activities during the day can give insight into productivity levels and provide appropriate ETAs to customers. Adding employee accountability and allowing for fast action in response to any events that may cause a driver to fall behind schedule.

Pre-determined Schedules

Planning is key, and route optimization can be used to come up with a pre-determined schedule for your drivers. This allows your drivers to use the most efficient routes and avoid any scheduling conflicts. Avoid any miscommunications with your drivers and provide more precise times for satisfied customers. Having a pre-determined schedule allows your drivers to properly know their route and deliveries beforehand.

Urgent Notices

Unfortunately, not everything can go as planned. There may be instances where one of your drivers is needed to help a customer as soon as possible. With real time 10-second data reports, you can determine which driver is closest to help the customer in need and the quickest route to take. This can in-turn increase customer satisfaction by allowing for better response times and extremely accurate ETAs.