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GPS Vehicle Tracking: 5 Common Misconceptions

Many business owners are still hesitant to incorporate GPS tracking services into their fleets because of common misconceptions. We understand the concerns that someone may have when considering GPS tracking solutions. Included is the most important misconceptions that have been proven false by the thousands of companies that joined with ATTI to meet their GPS tracking needs.

#1. GPS tracking is too expensive for my company

Expense is an important concern with any business. Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. offers affordable GPS tracking solutions that are designed to help reduce fleet costs and improve productivity. Our competitive pricing helps business owners see a quick return-on-investment. Most companies that already utilize our GPS tracking technology reported that the products began paying for itself within one month. We understand each company has specific GPS tracking needs and depending on those needs your ROI can be almost immediate to only a few months after integration.

#2. A GPS tracking system is just telling me where my employees are

Our GPS tracking solutions do allow you to know where your fleet vehicles are and where your mobile workforce is going during business hours, but that only scratches the surface. The service we offer our customers gives fleet managers and business owners the necessary tools to optimize their fleet to be more productive while reducing expenses. Fleet managers are able to see real-time data regarding fleet activity. GPS tracking services includes vehicle speed monitoring, route optimization, maintenance scheduling, and much more. With these features, fleet managers can manage their mobile workforce with ease and increase overall productivity.

 #3. My mobile business wouldn’t benefit from any GPS tracking system

Any business that utilizes a mobile workforce can benefit from incorporating our GPS tracking technology. Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. has products and services designed to give you vital information about your fleet, regardless of where you are. We also offer features that go beyond monitoring fleet movement. One of our unique products is the Shadow Tracker® Time software. This is an optimal solution for time sheet management of all employees through electronic time verification. This adds an extra layer of security and accuracy when recording employee time sheets. As with all of our features, data is stored with easy accessibility while eliminating the time spent managing company data.

 #4. All GPS tracking companies offer the same thing

ATTI understands that each company has unique needs that call for specialized solutions. Our GPS tracking services are fine-tuned to meet the needs any business has, regardless of fleet size. Technology provided by ATTI can be tailored to record and report specialized metrics depending on your preferences. Our technology and services are constantly being improved based upon the valued feedback provided by the thousands of companies that use ATTI to manage their fleets. By choosing Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. you’ll be receiving products and services that are designed around the principle to help you meet your unique GPS tracking needs.

 #5. I don’t know how to install and use a GPS tracking system. Learning how would take too much time

We understand that time is your valuable asset, and wasting time installing and learning to use tracking technology on your own can be a tedious task. Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. offers full installation of our GPS tracking products and software integration solutions to save you valuable time. A common question asked by companies is if our system is difficult to use. Our software is designed with the user in mind and is continuously updated from user feedback. One of our most specialized services includes introductory and advanced training courses that can help you get the most out of our GPS tracking software. Should you need further assistance at any time, our customer service team is available to answer any questions and help you every step of the way.