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GPS Tracking and Employee Timesheet Management

Timesheet management is an important part of any business, and poor time keeping can directly impact a company’s employees, customers, and profit. Time sheets require additional attention when managing the expenses of a mobile workforce. Without accurate time keeping, an employee can end up underpaid/overpaid and a customer can be invoiced for an incorrect amount. In any event, proper time logs must be kept in order to ensure accurate billing and payroll. ATTI understands that precise timesheet management is vital for any mobile business, that is why we offer time tracking software and features that make billing and payment calculations much easier.

ATTI’s Shadow Tracker® Time software is designed to make off-site employee time logs simple. Installed directly to the employee’s mobile device, the application allows for secured and verifiable time logs of all mobile workers. The in/out clock times are recorded, stored, and accessible through the GPS reporting dashboard. Additionally, the exact location of the time punch is recorded for added verification. Use of the mobile app assists fleet managers with holding workers accountable in situations involving employee time theft and poor attendance habits. The data recorded from our time tracking software also calculates employee hours and can be configured to prepare payroll data in bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or any custom pay periods.

GPS time tracking software eliminates manual preparation time and possible errors in payroll calculations, but what about efficiently invoicing customers? That is where our Shadow Tracker® Vision III™ vehicle management device comes in. Fleet managers can track and manage their mobile workers in real-time with 10-second updates on detailed vehicle information. With these tools, any fleet manager can verify their employee’s arrival, departure, and time spent at any stop. Making data collection for invoice preparation much easier while being able to provide additional proof of service to customers. Our 1-year historical fleet data allows fleet managers to access any vehicle information recorded in an instant. This assists companies in verifying their worker’s location at any time for any reason, reducing the possibility of inaccurate invoicing and poor customer satisfaction.