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Fleet Management and Public Image

Public image involves much more work than having a number on the back of fleet vehicles for
providing driver feedback. A mobile business is represented by every fleet vehicle on the road
and a single driver can impact a company’s reputation for better or worse. Even though this may
not be at any fault of the driver, steps can be taken to manage potentially harmful habits. The
data provided by GPS tracking software can be used to directly improve a company’s image to
the public.

Unauthorized Usage
Any company personnel wouldn’t want to see their fleet vehicle parked in front of a night club or
a bar. By using GPS fleet tracking you can monitor where your drivers are parking. You may
also help your drivers find appropriate places to park, to ensure that your drivers aren’t parking
in any unauthorized areas. This can also help reduce the chances of a fleet vehicle being ticketed
or even towed.

Managing Late Arrivals
To avoid a potentially dissatisfied customer that could write a poor review on your company, one
of the best measures is to manage arrival times. Late arrivals certainly don’t look good on your
business productivity. Thankfully, GPS fleet tracking can help you manage schedules, routes,
and precautions to ensure your drivers are on time. Life happens and sometimes that means
there’s road work or a traffic jam in your driver’s way. With GPS fleet tracking you can find a
new, efficient route for your drivers on a moment’s notice. Also, you can confidently provide
ETAs for your customers. Reflecting positively on your company’s operating efficiency.

Avoiding Idling
There’s nothing good that comes from excessive idling. On top of increased fuel costs and strain
on the vehicle, it is unnecessarily harmful to the environment. This doesn’t seem like the first
thought to come to someone’s mind when seeing a company vehicle parked with a running
engine. However, with increasing awareness to the impacts of carbon footprints, public opinion
favors companies making active efforts to be mindful of the environment.

Your business image matters. Not only does your fleet vehicles represent your company, but also
indirectly serves as a way for advertising. You would want your vehicles to reflect positively on
your company and avoid any negativity. With GPS fleet tracking you can do so to stop certain
behaviors and greatly increase your image and reputation.