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GPS Fleet Tracking and Security Companies

Security services are often hired by businesses to patrol areas during prime business hours and nights. These services commonly require employees to work overnight when nobody else is present. Overnight shifts and off-site workers pose a unique challenge for security fleet managers regarding their employees and assets. The lack of information can cause many problems for security companies including:

  • Proof of service
  • Inaccurate employee logs
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Low customer satisfaction
  • Employee safety
  • Asset protection

ATTI’s GPS tracking technology offers a solution for each of these issues with our Shadow Tracker® hardware and software. Our Shadow Tracker® Vision III™ provides real-time fleet data with an industry leading update time at 10 seconds. Security fleet managers know where every vehicle is located 24/7, providing better asset and employee protection. Our Shadow Tracker® Live software provides features such as Geofencing and automated alerts that are useful tools to fleet managers. Client property can be highlighted with the Geofencing feature, and when a Geofence is crossed, an automated alert is sent to the security fleet manager. This allows employees to be held accountable for any unauthorized vehicle usage. Automated alerts can be set using a wide variety of personalized metrics. If a security vehicle is stationary for too long when it’s supposed to be on patrol, an automated alert can be set to notify the fleet manager when a vehicle hasn’t moved for a specified amount of time. These alerts can also provide additional employee security in an unusual circumstance.

            Our tracking technology records and stores vital fleet information that can be accessed at any moment. 1-year historical fleet data allows fleet managers to provide additional proof of service to customers and maintain customer satisfaction. Employee hours can also be verified through historical data by confirming the time an employee arrived and departed their patrol location. Our Shadow Tracker® Time software takes time sheet management a step further. By providing the exact time and location of punch times, employee hours are calculated automatically, and precise payroll information is kept without manual preparation or possible error.