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How to Use Real-Time Fleet Tracking

In an age of instant turnarounds from merchants and service providers, there’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than time lost due to late or altogether missed appointments.
The success of your business depends on the right products, people and services. Ensure continued fleet productivity with real-time GPS tracking services from Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.
Services include real-time vehicle tracking, GeoBound area mapping, customer location pinpoints and driver notification technologies.

Follow Your Fleet

Adapt on the fly when a customer requests an unscheduled or expedited delivery or appointment with ATTI’s real-time vehicle tracking service. Because our Shadow Tracker fleet management software is constantly tracking fleet movement, managers or dispatchers can easily determine the closest vehicle to a location and quickly notify the driver of the modified route plan. Our software enables a dispatcher or manager to send reminders to drivers when they have unexpected stops on a delivery route or running over time on a scheduled break.

Create Service Areas

With GeoFencing, you can create GeoBound areas and assign vehicles to a specified GeoArea. Using automated driver alerts or our GPS reporting dashboard, know precisely when your vehicles enter and exit the GeoArea. Curb redundancy by viewing possible vehicle overlap, enabling users to adjust and create more efficient fleet routes. With our GeoBound services, keep your fleet vehicles on task and within a more optimized route.

Create a Safe-Driving Culture

Optimize fuel consumption and reduce insurance premiums by holding your fleet drivers accountable for inappropriate driving habits. Excessive speeding and braking is dangerous driving behavior and wastes fuel. ATTI’s vehicle tracking software will send automated real-time alerts to inform drivers of their actions. Improved fleet performance not only creates a safer work environment, but it often reduces vehicle wear and lowers insurance policy rates.

Grow Your Business with Strong Customer Service

Transform your business into a well-oiled machine that can successfully react to ever-changing customer needs with assistance from ATTI. With our real-time vehicle tracking technology, you can ensure customers are getting their requests fulfilled correctly and on time, every time.