3-I Uses GPS Tracking to Improve Dispatching of Fleet


With over 25 years experience, 3-I General Contractors, Inc. has developed a solid reputation for custom HVAC installations and servicing for restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with customers as far north as Kansas. Clients include large national chains, including Jack in the Box and Burger King, as well as residential clients such as Choice Home Warranty.

Logistics can become challenging when technicians take their vehicles home at night and on the weekends, as hours can vary each day. With the company’s continued growth, effectively dispatching vehicles, tracking maintenance needs, and customer billing for each vehicle had become a difficult task. Shiela Sorber serves as the office manager for 3-I. She is responsible for dispatching the company’s fleet of specialists, billing, and customer service. As she states: “I wear many hats each day, and they can change week to week.”

Shiela spent several months researching better ways to run a more efficient fleet and tried a few other technologies, but none of those provided a turnkey solution for her needs. She and other members of the 3-I team attended a regional trade show and visited the Advanced Tracking Technology Inc. (ATTI) booth. After a demonstration of the capabilities of ATTI, Sheila recommended 3-I adopt the technology to assist her in managing the company’s fleet.

Sheila states: “We saw an immediate increase in our production, and although I’ve been asked to keep the figures confidential, I can say percentage wise, it was a double digit increase in monthly revenues.” Other results included fewer billing errors leading to better relationships with customers, and automated maintenance scheduling for their vehicles.

By being able to efficiently dispatch her technicians, Sheila was able produce bottom line results for her company. And while the use of GPS tracking technology can be used in seemingly endless ways, it helped her better manage the day-to-day operations of the company through more efficient deployment of her technicians, automating paperwork, and regularly scheduling maintenance of her fleet. ATTI helps thousands of businesses everyday manage a more efficient mobile workforce. Visit AdvanTrack.com today to see if GPS tracking is the right for your business.