GPS Technology Helps Logistics Company Enhance Customer Service

David Lampl is the Operations Manager for Cikule Trucking Company, a drayage and logistics provider in the Greater Chicagoland region with over 30 years of experience. The company currently operates a fleet of 12 vehicles that provide importers and exporters with full service logistic solutions. When we asked David about the challenges he faced each day in the drayage industry: “As you can imagine, with all of the moving parts associated with ocean and rail shipping, providing an accurate ETA to our customers is one of the most critical and valued elements of our business.”

Due to the complex nature of the importing and exporting business, all steps in the moving of shipping containers and their contents must operate timely and efficiently for deliveries to make it to their intended destination on time. Constant communication between drivers, destinations, and the customers they serve is vital. If just one of the many complicated steps in that process isn’t completed, time and money are lost.

David spoke with several GPS tracking companies before partnering with Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI). He was able to quickly have them installed on his trucks and started providing his customers real time ETA’s. We asked him why he chose ATTI: “The answer is simple, ATTI has the most complete package on the market today and the most competitive price.”

Competition is fierce and a company’s reputation is important in the logistics and drayage industry. By implementing GPS tracking on their vehicles, David now maintains a 95% customer satisfaction rating, leading to more repeat business and referrals. David’s accounting team is now able to automate billing, eliminating the need for unnecessary paper work, and produce reports to keep them in compliance with IFTA.

The Cikule Trucking Company’s philosophy is to give their customers honest and accurate answers. With ATTI, David now provides his customers with real time ETA’s to ensure he is meeting their needs. Often, fuel savings and lowering labor rates are the reasons companies seek GPS tracking solutions. In the case of Cikule Trucking, David was more focused on enhancing the service he provides to his customers. ATTI helps thousands of businesses each day manage a more efficient mobile workforce. Visit to see if GPS tracking is right for you.