Professional Car Service Saves $30,000 on Annual Fuel Bill


Mauricio Latronico owns and manages Liberty International, an executive car and limousine operator based in Mount Vernon, New York. His company provides chauffeur services in the New York tri-state region for executives, professionals, event attendees, and tourists. The company’s fleet is currently comprised of 5 sedans and limousines, with plans for expansion on the horizon. When we asked him what he likes best about what he does: “I want my customers to sit back and not have to worry about the logistical challenges of transport. They are all here for other reasons, whether business or pleasure, I want them to focus on why they are here — not navigating the traffic.”

Like most small business owners, Mauricio is constantly looking for innovative ways to run his operation more efficiently and provide his clients with a world-class experience. With fuel prices a continuous concern, suspicion of unauthorized vehicle usage, and keeping his focus on his clients, he needed a turnkey solution. When we asked about the challenges of his industry: “We operate in a very competitive industry in an area that includes several hundred square miles. We rely heavily on repeat business and referrals so we’ll assess any technology that will give us an edge and allows us to better serve our customers.”

Mauricio completed his due diligence and evaluated several GPS tracking providers before deciding on Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) as his solution for GPS tracking. After a short trial period, he quickly realized the potential savings for his company, and that ATTI was the solution he needed. He immediately ordered units for the rest of his cars so he could begin dispatching his fleet to provide the most efficient car available and better serve his customers.

As a direct result in reduced mileage, weekly fuel bills were reduced nearly $600 or over $30,000 annually. Mauricio was able to reduce the total time driven by his drivers and thus saved 10% on labor costs. By optimizing routes and dispatching the nearest car in his fleet, he was able to increase his total fares by 10%. He estimated an increase of 15% in repeat and referral business as a result of providing more accurate ETA’s and a higher level of service to his clients.

Effectively managing his mobile workforce, Mauricio Latronico realized an annual fuel savings of $30,000 on his fleet of 5 vehicles. Mauricio is now able to dispatch his fleet in an efficient manner resulting in massive fuel savings, 10% reduction in labor rates, and a 10% improvement in fleet productivity. Most importantly, by enhancing customer service, his repeat business and referrals increased by 15%. ATTI GPS tracking solutions is helping thousands of businesses everyday manage mobile workforces in more efficient and effective manner. Contact ATTI today to see if GPS tracking solutions can help your business.