Quiver Farms Uses GPS Tracking to Ensure Safety of Animals During Transport


Rebekah Kallatch and her mother started Quiver Farm Project, Inc. with the idea of reviving old rural traditions and sharing them in entertaining and educational ways. The company’s mission is to educate children and adults alike, about farm life and the animals that make that life possible. We asked Rebekah to share a little about her passion: “We love the opportunity to bring a taste of farm life to folks whom may never have gotten to share in the experience. We think that is pretty special.”

Since most of her projects involve the transport of animals at distances of hundreds of miles, Rebekah was debating on whether she needed to send more of her workers for each visit in case the health of an animal became a concern. The distances traveled also presented the challenges of her workers arriving and departing on time. As with most mobile workforces, effective management can be difficult with great distances involved.

Rebekah considered sending a supervisor on each trip, but with the additional labor costs, it was not the most economically feasible option to ensure the safety of the animals. She also considered an onboard camera to supervise both her workers and animals. After careful assessment of cost and value, she decided she could accomplish more with GPS tracking from ATTI. It would allow her to track her workers in real time, giving her the chance to respond to an emergency situation and monitor driving behaviors of her employees.

After selecting Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc, (ATTI) as their GPS tracking solution, Rebekah’s in her own words: “We immediately felt peace of mind, not only for the safety of our employees and animals, but knowing our customers were given the experience we promised.” Labor and fuel costs were cut by optimizing the routes her employees take; which led to additional maintenance savings and increased productivity. With the money saved from not sending an additional supervisor on each project, she and her mother are looking to expand their business.

ATTI helps thousands of companies each day run a more efficient operation. The uses for our technology are as diverse as our customers. Most companies seek GPS tracking for financial savings and having a direct impact on their bottom line. While Quiver Farms is realizing immediate ROI and are now positioned to expand their business, they’ve reported that it is the peace of mind they find most valuable about using ATTI GPS tracking solutions. Visit www.AdvanTrack.com to see if GPS tracking is right for you.