Utility Provider Lowers Outage Response Times with GPS Tracking System


Lubbock Power & Light (LP&L) has served as a city municipal electric provider since 1916, when the citizens of Lubbock established LP&L to manage the electric power needs of the city. The utility generates and distributes electricity to more than 101,000 customers in the Lubbock area and is committed to being among the most reliable, most affordable and most respected municipal utilities in the country. Billy Taylor serves as Fleet Manager and oversees the mobile workforce that operates nearly 300 vehicles, equipment, and trailers.

The LP&L team researched GPS tracking solutions to assist in the management of vehicles for fuel consumption, shortened response times, safety, and accountability. The objective was to provide better response times for their customers and reduce fuel usage. Among their goals: the ability to monitor vehicles for excessive idle time, unauthorized use, accountability, customer complaints, and current location.

The LP&L team considered several different tracking options and ultimately decided on ATTI. They listed the following reasons for the selection: “10 second live reporting, ease of installation, software, mobile apps, and historical reports.” LP&L implemented the ATTI GPS units in 2010, with all existing vehicles completely installed within a few weeks. Moving forward, when a vehicle is replaced or a new vehicle is purchased at LP&L, an ATTI GPS unit is installed and configured before the vehicle is put into service.

The main benefits have been shortened response times, increases in productivity and fuel savings. LP&L’s response time is now approximately 30 minutes as vehicles are being dispatched in a more efficient manner. What Billy likes the most: “The best feature of the ATTI GPS solution is the ease of installation and the mobile apps. We can install the GPS unit in less than 30 minutes and monitor the vehicles wherever needed, whether in the office or out in the field.”

When quickly and safely restoring power service to the public is your number one priority, quicker response times mean enhanced customer service for your company. While the LP&L team’s main objectives have been met, LP&L also continues to save money on fuel by cutting down on idling time, eliminating unauthorized usage, and more efficient routing of vehicles. ATTI helps thousands of businesses each day manage a more efficient mobile workforce. Visit AdvanTrack.com to see if a GPS tracking system is right for you.