Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. vehicle GPS tracking solutions are available in Colorado, as well as all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Here are a few reasons why our customers in Colorado use ATTI’s Fleet Management Tools:

  • Fleet Maintenance Savings
  • Improved Fleet Dispatching
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Improved Invoicing and Provide Proof of Service

What our customers are saying:

Liberty Waste Management
Englewood, CO

Since we introduced Shadow Tracker into our business, it has come as a pleasant surprise in a few areas of our business. The one we knew would help and, in fact, did so in a meaningful way was managing the driver’s route time efficiency in the field.

Our typical route was averaging between 9 and 10 hours per day. Upon installation of Shadow Tracker, there was an immediate 30% reduction in time in the field for the same amount of work. Our drivers are held accountable for where they are at all times and having Shadow Tracker now reassures management our drivers do not deviate from their job.

The best surprise we got was being able to locate portable toilets on Golf Courses and large projects when new drivers are given existing routes.

Dispatch is able to go back in time and pinpoint the exact location of where the previous drivers have been and the time it takes to complete a task.

This, once again, has afforded us the ability to better manage our business from the desktop better than ever. Thank you for your fantastic product and awesome management tool.

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