Construction GPS Fleet Tracking

Managing multiple projects is a complex task for any construction company owner or fleet manager. ATTI’s GPS fleet management systems will give you the tools you need to effectively manage your vehicles in the field. Even outside of business hours, our asset tracking system will give you peace of mind knowing your heavy equipment is safe. Our products have helped steel manufacturers, building contractors, roofing companies and more to save time and money during their construction projects.

Here are a few reasons why our construction customers use ATTI:

What our customers are saying:

Great Plains Steel
Lubbock, TX

We, at Great Plains Steel, Inc., originally decided to install GPS tracking from Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. so we could better inform our customers of their delivery status with our drivers. Since then, we have discovered what a great help the reports are. When a driver is missing a trip report, we simply go to the “reports” section and print off the information for that truck for that day. It has been a great help doing our fuel taxes, along with being better able to serve our customers, and keep better driver contact.

T&T Staff Management
El Paso, TX

The GPS units have allowed us to track our company vehicles so that we are preventing any after-hours use or personal use during company time. We are also able to monitor speeding on reports so that we may address any concerns and remain safe on the roads.

Allied Building
Detroit, MI

Since the implementation of GPS tracking we have been able to better serve our customers because we have been able to locate the closest technician and dispatch them rather than the next available tech. This has led to better customer service and a reduction in overall fuel consumption.