GPS Fleet Tracking for Contractors

Stone and granite suppliers, moving companies and commercial glass distributors are just a few examples of contractor companies that have used ATTI’s GPS fleet management systems to effectively track their vehicles and workforce. With our technology, contractors can guarantee delivery times and improve customer satisfaction by improving response times. Our easy-to-use mobile applications and 10-second update technology allows you to monitor your fleet from any time and location.

Here are a few reasons why our contractor customers use ATTI:

Case Study:

  • 3-I Uses GPS Tracking to Improve Dispatching of Fleet

What our customers are saying:


77 Stone
El Paso, TX

Advanced Tracking has given 77 Stone the cost-effective tools we need to monitor our employees and our fleet in real time. Just one hour saved per month pays for itself.

Beta Alpha Zeta, Inc
San Angelo, TX

We have been using ATTI for our GPS tracking needs for a number of years. The advancements within that time have been phenomenal. The tracking software is easy to use and very effective in tracking in real time. Plus, the alerts are easy to set up for email or text messaging. All in all, I would recommend ATTI for any business that has company vehicles.

Anderson Glass
Lorena, TX

We have been using Advanced Tracking in our work trucks for several years. We originally installed the units to ensure that our employees were not wasting time by being places they were not supposed to be. This worked within a one-week period. We are able to monitor excessive stops, bad driving habits, and ensure that our technicians in the field are using the best routes to get to their jobsites. I’ve looked at other options in tracking and Advanced Tracking is by far the best fit. I would recommend this product to anyone and will continue to use Advanced Tracking in my business.