GPS Tracking for Delivery Vehicles

Food and beverage companies, building materials suppliers, metal distributors and general courier service companies are a few examples of businesses that have improved the productivity of their delivery fleets with ATTI’s vehicle tracking device. Every mile counts for delivery vehicles to provide the very best customer service whether you’re delivering flowers, pizza, industrial goods or general mail. With our GPS fleet management systems, you’ll be able to analyze your routes, reduce driver overtime and proactively service your delivery vehicles, saving you time and money so you can focus on what really matters—your customers.

Here are a few reasons why our delivery customers use ATTI:

What our customers are saying:

Reliance Metal Center
Arlington, TX


Advanced Tracking Technologies has helped us in so many ways. Trying to put it all in perspective without writing a thesis regarding its benefits would be difficult. However, to sum it up, our GPS systems allow us to know everything about our truck routes, timeline, mileage, and where each and every driver is while they are in that truck. It has been a very useful tool and I would suggest any company with one or more trucks have them installed. The savings certainly outweighs the cost.

Robosson Supply
Sykesville, MD


We can see an increase in productivity since obtaining these units and will be placing an order for an additional vehicle soon. In addition, the customer service and tech support have always been very helpful with quick responses.

Coors of Western Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR


The ATTI units allow us to effectively monitor the speeds and driving habits of our delivery drivers. The feedback we now can provide to our drivers will make them safer drivers and, ultimately, influence our insurance costs.

We can now compare the times it takes drivers to deliver products. This can pinpoint inefficiency on the part of the driver, but it can also show inefficiency at certain locations due to other factors – which we can then focus on in order to make all of our deliveries prompt and efficient.

Route efficiency – Because we can see the routes actually driven, we can pinpoint poor routing like backtracking and take the steps necessary to deliver out products in the most fuel efficient and least costly manner. Knowing what is actually going on once a truck leaves our facility is a great management tool.