GPS Tracking for Electrical Companies

Electrical supply companies and electrician services use ATTI’s GPS fleet management solutions as a way to decrease overall fuel consumption, decrease wear and tear on company vehicles and improve dispatching of their fleet. Our turnkey products and services, including GPS vehicles tracking, asset tracking and electronic timesheets are simple for business owners to use and implement. We offer free demonstrations and training courses for new customers. With our fleet management products, you can improve the production of your mobile workforce and start saving your business time and money.

Here are a few reasons why our electrical customers use ATTI GPS tracking solutions:

Case Study:

  • 3-I Uses GPS Tracking to Improve Dispatching of Fleet

What our customers are saying:


Good Friend Electric
Toms River, NJ

Good Friend has in fact saved both time and money by utilizing the Advanced Tracking GPS service. One of the first things we noticed was the duplication in travel path (so to speak). There were many instances where our delivery trucks were crossing paths during the day. As a direct result of using the software and being able to track our delivery vehicles, we were able to reroute them to eliminate the crossing of paths or routes. This change obviously saved in both man-hours and fuel costs.

Russell Electric
Rocky Mount, NC

Prior to us using Advanced Tracking our employees would simply write down their start and stop times on each job and for each day. At the end of the week the time was compiled and totaled for pay purposes and all of the time was rounded to the nearest quarter hour. During this time we had no idea if the employees were actually at their assigned locations during the period that they claimed on their time sheets. We started off with the system and instantly saw major areas that we needed to change.

The units were installed so that none of the employees knew of their existence and during the first two weeks we found that employees “fudged” their time sheets as much as 2 hours per day. That totaled up to one “Phantom” employee gaining as much as 70 hours per week in pay. Advanced Tracking solutions isn’t a huge part of our business, but it is a huge part of the profits that we keep in the business.