Are your overtime expenses necessary?

ATTI’s easy-to-use vehicle tracking software gives you real time information and accurate reporting of your mobile workforce. This information can be used to track any unnecessary vehicle usage and cut down on employee downtime.

Driver Accountability

ATTI’s GPS tracking software gives you tools you need to hold your workforce accountable throughout the workday. The real time information puts you “in the vehicle” with your driver and allows you to effectively manage your fleet from any location and setting up automated alerts will keep you in communication at all times.

Driver Time Sheet Verification

Handwritten time sheets can be a thing of the past with our GPS tracking solutions. Let our software verify your time sheets for you and give you the tools you need to accurately bill your customers or dispute any discrepancies.

What our customers are saying:


Dormont Appliance Company
Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you Advanced Tracking Technologies. We discovered that our drivers often took inefficient routes, which we have also now corrected. This helps us save on fuel, wages, overtime and wear and tear on the trucks. We are now able to do 20% more stops per day.

Howell Services
Rosenberg, TX

Since the installation of the tracking devices on our vehicles, we have reduced our technicians’ overtime and fuel cost. Our company strives to give our customers exact appointment times. Before your tracking systems were installed, we had no way of verifying that our technician really did show up on time. Now they are being tracked and the problem basically resolved itself.

IPM Tech
Pomona, CA

As our employees have many stops throughout the day, we can control labor/overtime and fuel costs as we can replay their routes and pull reports confirming that they are mapping their locations effectively; therefore, not back-tracking and wasting time and fuel. Vehicle tracking also reduces the need to micro-manage our team as, since they know they are being tracked, we find that they are less likely to record inaccurate information on their time sheets/service reports.