Looking for better ways to serve your customers?

ATTI’s easy-to-use vehicle tracking software gives you the data you need to effectively serve your customers. Your customers are important and being able to better serve them can separate you from your competition. Monitoring driver behavior helps to ensure that your drivers are performing their tasks at the correct time and place. With our GPS tracking software, you can see the exact location of your vehicles, monitor the amount of time a vehicle spent at a particular location, and accurately track and verify driver time sheets.

Better Serve Customers

Response times and providing accurate time of arrival are important to your customers. Having a GPS tracking system in place allows you to offer your customers the best estimate for when your workforce will arrive on site or deliver your products and services.

Respond To Customer Emergencies

Have the information you need when it counts. Knowing the exact location of your vehicles gives you the real time fleet updates you’ll need to better respond to your customers in an emergency situation. This way, you can improve fleet response times by sending the closest available vehicle to the emergency site.

Serve More Customers

Our industry best 10 second updates give you the most accurate information so you can optimize your driver’s schedules and serve more customers each day. With our GPS tracking software, you can improve GPS tracking software, you will have the opportunity to increase your fleet’s productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

What our customers are saying:

Midnight Transportation
Montebello, CA

In this tough economy, Advanced Tracking Technologies has helped our company save money on fuel while allowing us to better serve our valued customers.

Pyramid Heating & Cooling
Portland, OR

It has also assisted in the service department greatly by being able to see where a tech is and how long they have been there so we can advise the next customer on the phone wanting an ETA. It is also helpful to see who is near other jobs in case they need a hand or a part.

Allied Building
Detroit, MI

Since the implementation of the GPS product we have been able to better serve our customers because we have been able to locate the closest technician and dispatch them rather than the next available tech. This has led to better customer service and a reduction in overall fuel consumption.