GPS Field Equipment Tracker

ATTI has helped exercise equipment distributors, industrial equipment suppliers and other equipment service companies improve their fleet management. For these and other businesses that service a large geographical area, our geofencing and automated alert features allow you to operate your fleet more efficiently. With geofencing, you can optimize your driver routes to ensure there is no overlap between vehicles and that they take the fastest route. Automated alerts can be sent to almost any mobile device when a driver speeds, idles or performs unsafe driving habits.

Here are a few reasons why our equipment service customers use ATTI:

What our customers are saying:


Glauber Equipment
Lancaster, NY

We are a service company that covers all of NY. The GPS tracking from Advanced Tracking has done the following benefits for our company:

Our fuel cost has dropped enough that it covers the cost of the GPS tracking units. (personal use of vehicles has stopped)

It has clarified billing issues for travel times as it is now in “black and white.”

It has helped in dispatching techs as we know who would be the closest to the customer at any given time.

It has also brought to the company’s attention bad / aggressive driving habits of techs and has now been addressed.

These are just some of the key points that we have seen the most benefit from since installing the GPS tracking units.

Gym Tech Fitness Service
Richmond Hill, NY

Advanced Tracking Technologies’ services have been a huge help in a number of ways. Some things that would help any business would be the ability to track your employees on the road. As much as everyone wants to trust that their employees are truthful in what they are doing throughout the day, this is a great way to ensure it.

I have been able to track where they are going with my vehicle, the routes they are taking, how long they are spending wherever they stop, and even how fast they are going. This has already helped save fuel because we can now help route our drivers better. We even found that one of our employees was taking extra long lunches and driving his spouse to work everyday with our company vehicle. Needless to say that employee is no longer with us since they took advantage of the company.

It is a nice feature to see how fast they are going and in effect how they are treating the company vans. I want to ensure that they are driving safely and responsibly and that has helped very much. It has even helped us in dealing with customers. By having the capability to track where our technicians are, we can better predict arrival times and therefore, convey that information to customers waiting throughout the day.