Every second counts when you need precision and detail to make informed decisions. If your business needs real time information, then take a look at the fastest, smartest, and easiest to use real time GPS fleet tracking solutions on the market. Our mobile fleet tracking applications allow you to monitor your vehicles no matter your location.

Live Fleet Tracking with 10 Second Updates

Your company’s vehicle assets are an important part of your business, and fleet inefficiencies can cost you both time and money. Our 10 second real time updates and easy-to-use software make our product the industry’s best solution for managing an efficient fleet of vehicles. With our GPS fleet management solutions, you can pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle fleet at any given moment. Live fleet tracking of driver activity, idling, speeding, geofencing, vehicle usage and more gives fleet managers the opportunity to respond and resolve issues as they occur.

Real Time Fleet Management

Imagine being able to pull out your phone while on the road and get a GPS location update on your fleet vehicles every 10 seconds, or having your dispatcher at the office be able to give someone turn by turn directions while monitoring their exact position. Our GPS tracking devices have excellent pinpoint accuracy, store one year of historical data and give fleet managers more access to driver behavior.

Track Employees and Mobile Assets

ATTI’s fleet management devices give you the ability to not only track the location of your vehicles, but also the time your drivers spend on the road and the location of your unmanned mobile assets. With our time tracking software, you can verify remote employee timesheets with the exact time and GPS location. This employee tracking software reduces employee theft and discourages poor attendance habits.

To monitor and protect any unmanned mobile assets, such as bulk containers, boats, and generators, ATTI offers a GPS asset tracker with impressive battery life and durability. Our waterproof asset tracker operates up to 1.5 years on 4AAA batteries, making long-term asset management simple. While we currently do not offer 10-second updates for the asset tracker, we do offer the options of 2-6 updates per day, depending on your needs.