With the real-time insight provided by Shadow Tracker® mobile fleet management apps, managers can quickly view the current status of every vehicle in their fleet. You can instantly see every stop made for the day, alerts triggered by customized company rules, and make dynamic decisions due to the real time access and convenience of smartphones.

Fleet Manager Mobile App

mobile fleet tracker app
ATTI Shadow Tracker® Mobile
Shadow Tracker® mobile apps allow you to stay connected directly to your fleet through your Smartphone or tablet. This mobile fleet tracking application conveniently offers managers instant into the location and status of their entire fleet from the palm of their hand! For every vehicle equipped with our GPS vehicle tracking device, you can quickly view or check your mobile fleet’s current status including when a vehicle is stopped or moving along with the speed and location. View stop and alert history reports for a daily check of your fleet’s progress.

android app for fleet management
iOS app for gps fleet management

fleet gps tracking mobile application


The overview provides managers a view of all vehicles in real time. Zooming allows managers to focus on any particular vehicle.

mobile application for gps fleet tracking


The list gives managers a quick look at all active and inactive vehicles. Selection of a vehicle will take you to real time map tracking.

gps fleet tracking monitor routes


Playback allows managers to review routes taken over time. Individual or collective fleet playback is available.

Fleet Driver Mobile App

mobile application for gps tracking
ATTI Driver Console
ATTI Driver Console allows drivers to easily log which vehicles equipped with ATTI’s fleet tracking devices they are driving. Using this information, reporting activity by driver becomes a simple click of the mouse when using Shadow Tracker® Live desktop software.

android mobile fleet tracking app
app mobile fleet tracking app

mobile fleet tracker

Check In

Drivers can check into a number of predetermined fleet vehicles. Separate driver data is available in the reporting features.

gps tracking fleet routes application


Drivers can select from a variety of preset locations. Locations are opened up in maps to view and select desired route.

real time gps tracking smartphone app


Drivers and managers have the ability to send correspondence with our messaging feature.

Driver Time Sheet Mobile App

electronic time sheets for drivers
ATTI Shadow Tracker® Time
Shadow Tracker Time Mobile allows you to not only track your off-site employee hours by using our mobile time clock from their smart phones, but also has the capability to track job and time punches with a GPS location verification feature at the time of each punch. A quick check lets you know who is where at any given time. This not only gives supervisors peace of mind but also saves your company money by replacing paper time cards with accurate time and location tracking for remote employees.

android app for gps fleet tracking
iOS app for gps fleet management

gps tracking app for fleet drivers


Shadow Tracker® Time Activation Screen

mobile timesheets app

Time In

Shadow Tracker® Time Mobile Employee Time Entry Console