Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. vehicle GPS tracking solutions are available in Florida, as well as all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Here are a few reasons why our customers in Florida use ATTI’s Fleet Management Tools:

  • Effectively Manage a Mobile Workforce
  • Save Time & Money
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Proof of Service

What our customers are saying:

Prime Cut Lawncare
Dover, FL

We have found that the GPS tracking devices have definitely saved our company time and money while providing peace of mind. Once the devices were installed and the employees knew what they could do, things have changed for the better. There isn’t anymore going out of the way during work hours, getting lost or wasting gas. They also know we are watching their speed. We know how long they are at every stop (lawn service) so if the customer said we weren’t there long enough or not at all, we can check the GPS for the answer. The map is also a great tool for finding new accounts.

Madrid Engineering
Bartow, FL

We are a geo-technical engineering firm that has specialized in sinkhole investigations for the last ten years. We have 5 trailer mounted drill rigs that we take to our client’s homes to test for sinkhole conditions. We have been using the Advanced Tracking Technologies GPS units on our drill trucks and found them helpful in some surprising ways. Without making phone calls to our drillers, who normally cannot answer phone calls due to noise and adverse conditions, we can tell where they are, when they got there and let our customers or their legal representatives know they are on site drilling or on the way to the next job.

A couple unexpected circumstances have happened that helped us make decisions on several phone calls involving aggressive driving. We are aware sometimes the public does not like trucks with trailers in front of them and several times we have had phone calls telling us our drivers were driving in a very fast and aggressive manner. We feel these units have helped us get to the truth in these cases and not only has it showed us when they were speeding, it also proved to us several times they were NOT speeding and in one case of an accident we could prove we were under the speed limit, thus protecting our driver and our company driving record.

Also when our project managers take vehicles home overnight, as we sometimes allow, we can see if they are running errands with our company vehicles, which is not permitted. It just helps keep good people honest!

Key Fumigation
Sarasota, FL

The GPS tracking units are great tools for our company. For instance, we have a time requirement that certain aspects of our job we must be on site for a minimum of an hour; the tracker documents the amount of time spent at a job site.

Also, CDL drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones, the trackers eliminate the need to call drivers to see where they are at and how far they are from the next job; it’s a great way to estimate arrival time for the next customer. Additionally, we can confirm the employee’s hours as well as document gas stops to coordinate with truck receipts.

We did have an instance where the trackers were proof that gas theft was occurring as former employee was using the gas card in a personal vehicle.

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