GPS Tracking System for Government Vehicles

Protecting government property, including fire trucks, public transit vehicles, city buses, law enforcement vehicles and more can be achieved with ATTI’s GPS fleet management systems. 24/7 access to location and activity gives you the peace of mind that your employees and vehicles are safe when dispatched to emergency sites. Our systems are also equipped with live anti-theft protection for your mobile assets. In addition, you can prolong the service life of your vehicles by receiving automated maintenance alerts when a service is due.

Here are a few reasons why our government and municipality customers use ATTI’s GPS fleet management systems:

  • Optimize Emergency Response Routes
  • Improve Public and Driver Safety
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Fuel Savings
  • Effectively Manage Mobile Workforce
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Automated Alerts
  • ESRI Map Server Integration
  • Custom Shape and Imagery Map Integration

Case Study:

  • Utility Provider Lowers Outage Response Times with GPS Tracking System

What our customers are saying:

St Tammany Fire District
Mandeville, LA

My agency is a fire based EMS system. We use the Shadow Tracker to track units going to incidents. In case they make a wrong turn, we can correct them. On large-scale incidents with multiple jurisdictions, we are able to know where units are…. i.e. large woods fire, mass casualty incident. One thing I use it for, from a maintenance standpoint, is oil changes, brake checks, or tire rotations. Also, if my unit is out at a repair shop, I know when it is moved, started or test driven and how far.

Mountain Line Transit Authority
Morgantown, WV

We have noticed a significant fuel savings since installing the GPS tracking units and getting the email alerts for excessive idle time. They have also helped a lot in dealing with complaints from riders saying the bus was early or never showed up. However, we are most pleased with the system allowing our riders with Text messaging, Twitter, or Facebook to receive messages and tweets keeping them updated on the location of their bus. We have received many comments from happy people who no longer have to wait out in the cold and rain for a bus. They just wait inside until they get the alert that the bus is near their stop.