GPS Tracking Devices, GPS Trackers, and Fleet Management

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Real time GPS Tracking Devices
specially designed for vehicle tracking.
Used to track your trucks,
cars and heavy duty vehicles.


Satellite Asset Tracking

Real time battery powered GPS tracking
devices designed for equipment tracking.
Used to track equipment such as
trailers, generators, containers, rolloffs, dumpsters, etc.

Shadow Tracker® Time

Mobile and office based time keeping with GPS location. Clock in and out using biometric keypads or mobile apps with location logging for accurate time sheets and job reports.

Choosing the right GPS Tracking Device

Every company’s GPS tracking needs are unique. That’s why we offer a variety of GPS tracking devices to meet those different applications.  We know that fleet tracking solutions are more than one size fits all. That is why we offer vehicle tracking systems, battery powered tracking devices for equipment along with time keeping solutions for mobile employees. With GPS tracking devices and time tracking technology from Advanced Tracking Technologies you can be “in the vehicle” or “at the job site” with each of your employees without ever leaving the office.

GPS Tracking Device Technology

Our vehicle tracking devices use GPS satellites for location and cellular networks to communicate at an industry leading 10 second update rate. This update rate allows the vehicle trackers to show you route, speed, location, stop time, idle time and more for instant decision making, and high definition historical records. Our GPS tracking devices also have internal memory to store and forward any activity outside of coverage, so you don’t miss a thing. Find out More

Our asset tracking devices are completely battery powered and configured to update based on your needs. These tracking devices only use satellite communication so they are not limited by cellular coverage, making them perfect for tracking equipment in underdeveloped areas. Find out More

What Our Clients Say

Implementing GPS Tracking for Your Vehicles

Vehicle tracking devices are put in with a simple 3 wire installation that most companies arrange themselves, and asset trackers are a simple as mounting the device and turning on the switch. If you don’t feel comfortable installing yourself, we offer full onsite GPS tracking device installation services and as always; online training and technical support are unlimited and free of charge.

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