Large enterprise fleets come with unique problems for each company based on specific needs, access levels and characteristic structure. ATTI addresses these complex business structures and offers a fleet tracking system that provides greater insight and customized access that can define and limit users by needs and locations.

Automated Management


Automated Reporting features allow managers to create and access over 30 reports with user-defined metrics to pinpoint and analyze the exact information they need in an easy to read format. All reports can be automated and scheduled for delivery, so you can have the reports waiting in your email without even needing to open the software.

Automated Custom Alerts provide E-mail, Text, and reports that include, but are not limited to, speed limit violations, extended idle time, use of vehicle outside of allotted work hours, and traveling into or out of a designated area. Policies can be automatically monitored and addressed without the need to catch a vehicle in the act.

Define User Roles

Large fleets can vary from hundreds of vehicles in one location or hundreds of locations with single vehicles. You need a fleet tracking system flexible enough to effectively analyze data and better manage multiple entities. ATTI lets you customize who has access to which vehicles and level of information they can see. Your company can create branches, and subgroups within the fleet to quickly identify: Managers, Service Techs, or any other designation your fleet requires.

Improve Fleet Safety


Eliminating idling, speeding, and aggressive driving within your fleet not only saves money, it also improves the safety of your fleet when on the road. Safer drivers mean fewer accidents and injuries. In emergency situations, GPS tracking gives you and first responders the exact location of your drivers. Fleet safety also contributes to your business’s reputation and employee satisfaction.

High Definition Reporting

Our fleet tracking software archives data from the date a system is installed with instant access to over a year. Extended access to your reporting allows your company to create benchmarks, identify long-term trends and make informed decisions. With our high definition reports, you can easily review billing and protect yourself from customer disputes or unwarranted litigation.

High Return on Investment

Start feeling the positive effects a Fleet tracking system can have on your business from day one.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs: Improve driver behavior and optimized routes immediately reduce your fuel costs and usage.
  • Reduce Labor Costs: Accountable drivers complete more tasks in the same amount of time decreasing unnecessary overtime and downtime.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reminders: Regular maintenance alerts and proactively servicing fleet vehicles can increase their lifespan and time on the road, saving you from buying more expensive equipment

PROVEN ROI from Third Party Researchers

Research from Frost & Sullivan LCV Telematics Market, shows that companies who implement a Fleet tracking solution can achieve reductions in fuel costs by up to 20-25%, improve productivity by up to 10-15%, and enhance vehicle utilization by up to 15-20%.

Aberdeen Group Research analysts found firms reporting an average 13.2% reduction in fuel costs, 13.4% reduction in overtime and 12.2% increases in service profitability.  “57% of best-in-class companies reduced their operating costs per vehicle by an average of $1,100 a year”.

A Bobit Business Media survey of 1,000 Companies last year Found Average decreases in labor cost at 11.8%, accident costs dropped by 21%, and Fuel cost were reduced by 10%.