ATTI offers comprehensive and convenient GPS tracking solutions that are easily scalable for midsize and expanding fleets.

Increase Fleet Productivity


GPS Fleet Tracking provides immediate access to your fleets location and current status, along with a complete history of activity. Faster routing, better record keeping and more accountable drivers have proven to streamline operations. The capability to better track your fleet saves you time and money when it comes to dispatching, job cost tracking, billing preparations and administration time.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fleet monitoring can reduce idling, speeding and unauthorized usage which all lead to decreased fuel costs. In addition, monitoring fleet routes using up-to-the-minute traffic data lets fleet managers dispatch their fleets and make adjustments quickly, saving you drive time. This can also lead to a decrease in fuel usage, labor and service costs while allowing you to serve more customers throughout the day.

Stay Connected 24/7

No matter your location, with our GPS tracking system you can stay up-to-date on the latest activities of your fleet drivers. You can even set to receive automated alerts for almost any event or driver action. Our maintenance scheduling also alerts you when it’s time to have your fleet vehicles serviced, saving you time and money.

Detailed Reporting


ATTI GPS tracking provides over 30 reports and multiple variations to give you unmatched insight into driver performance. Our software provides you with travel details, alert history, travel / stop charts, service reminders, unauthorized usage and stops, speeding violations, and much more. All of this data is immediately accessible for up to 1 year and archived from the first day you started tracking. We offer free demonstrations with no obligation to purchase so that you can experience our reporting software, see the direct impact it can have on your fleet and determine if it fits your fleet’s needs.

Accurate Timekeeping

Digital timekeeping combined with GPS location gives you added security and verification when monitoring fleet drivers. Our software and mobile apps allow you to verify driver location during time punches and eases reporting tasks by automatically calculating employee hours. It can also accommodate any pay period length.