ATTI offers cost efficient and robust GPS tracking devices and software for small fleets to become more productive, more efficient and safer, saving your business time and money.

24/7 Real Time Tracking


Stay connected with your fleet employees 24/7 with our industry leading 10-second location update. Having the most up-to-date information allows you or your fleet manager to act quickly, making faster and smarter business decisions in any situation.

Reduce Operating Costs

Save on fuel, repair and payroll costs by tracking driver location to ensure drivers are taking the shortest, most efficient routes. Automated alerts can actively reduce speeding and excessive idle time to immediately cut fuel costs.  Actively monitoring driver behavior also discourages employee downtime and eliminates unauthorized use of vehicles, which dramatically effects unnecessary overtime.

Monitor Employees Remotely


With our easy-to-use mobile apps you can monitor the real time tracking of your entire fleet along with historical records to verify arrival and departure times, location, speeding events, idling and timesheet entries. You can also send automated alerts to your phone, desktop, or mobile device whenever an employee engages in unsafe driving behavior or ventures out of their designated area. This keeps drivers accountable for their actions, allowing you to run a safer fleet.

Protect Your Assets

ATTI’s GPS tracking and asset tracking devices give you unparalleled access to the state of your business’s expensive assets, such as fleet vehicles and other large mobile equipment. In addition to knowing the location 24/7 of each asset, our software also alerts you of maintenance requirements to keep your vehicles running longer.