GPS Tracking System for HVAC Service

Large and small HVAC companies with fleets ranging from 1-100 can benefit from the ATTI GPS vehicle tracking system. With geofencing technology and automated maintenance alerts, you can optimize the routes your drivers take, reduce mileage and receive warnings when maintenance tasks are due. Addressing smaller maintenance problems when they are due can also reduce the likelihood of more expensive problems down the road, minimizing “out of serve” vehicle time. Knowing the 24/7 location of your fleet gives you the peace of mind and time to focus on other areas of your HVAC business.

Here are a few reasons why our HVAC customers use ATTI:

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Automated Timesheets
  • Reduce Mileage of Fleet
  • Dispatch HVAC Trucks More Efficiently
  • Save Time & Money

Case Study:

  • 3-I Uses GPS Tracking to Improve Dispatching of Fleet

What our customers are saying:

White’s Heating & Air Conditioning
Hot Springs, AR

I have a small HVAC company utilizing three service vans. I had considered for years of putting a GPS tracking package on these vehicles but not knowing if it really would make that much of a difference, I just never really pulled the trigger.

I finally took that next step back in August of 2010 and installed your system on all three vehicles. After just a month of use, I realized what a mistake I had made…not in getting your system but in waiting as long as I did to do so.

It took only those few short weeks to train my technicians to control their wasteful time, speeding, allowing the vehicle to set for too long a period of time while running, making unauthorized detours, etc.

The taking of more direct routes and reduction of side excursions, the reduced speeding and allowing the vans to idle to long are all well under control and have save this company time and money…both so vital to success.

At the affordable rates that are now available, I would highly recommend to any company that has one or more vehicles, at any time out of their sight and control, to use your system. I am confident they too will see an increase in savings and a reduction in waste of mileage, gas and time. They will also gain more confidence and greater peace of mind in having more control and up-to-date knowledge of where and what their employees are doing. With today’s liability concerns, just having that greater peace of mind is worth the price.

Thanks you for your help and your support before, during and after the sell. We are very satisfied with ATTI.

Pyramid Heating & Cooling
Portland, OR

The Shadow Tracker GPS tracking has helped us in a few different ways. I no longer require my installers to turn in time daily. Typically, I pull up a weekly report for each vehicle and use that for time cards. It saves the installers time as well as mine.

It has also assisted in the service department greatly by being able to see where a tech is and how long they have been there so we can advise the next customer on the phone wanting an ETA. It is also helpful to see who is near other jobs in case they need a hand or a part.

I&M Thermal
Houston, TX

I&M Thermal has used Shadow Tracker Live in our service vehicles for about three years and we absolutely love it. We are in the service industry in the Houston area and operate twenty-four hours a day. We also do work along the entire Gulf Coast.

Sometimes our guys are out of town for extended periods and work long hours. Use of the GPS tracking units help monitor their hours and also tracks the mileage used for the job. These units save us money by helping to prevent mistakes on employee time sheets.

If one of our trucks is stolen, the tracking system could assist in recovery very fast. The people at ATTI are top notch in sales and service!