Could you be managing a more productive workforce?

ATTI’s easy-to-use vehicle tracking software gives you instant insight into where your vehicles are located at any given time. This access gives you the ability to improve your employees’ productivity and stay knowledgeable about your fleet’s activities.

Manage Fleet Activity

Having real time location information for your fleet allows you to actively monitor and manage your vehicles. Our GPS tracking software gives you the ability to calculate the time it takes your workforce to travel to and complete tasks, effectively giving you the opportunity to complete more jobs each day. This information also gives your employees more incentive to work efficiently, as they are always “on the clock” and with our timesheet verification, they are accountable for how every minute of their day is spent.

Driver Routes

Our GPS tracking solutions give you the tools you need to optimize your driver routes. This can help decrease the number of unnecessary stops and eliminate wasted time. You also get the ability to make informed decisions when dispatching your vehicles to work sites by minimizing driving time and assuring your workforce arrives on time and can spend more time with your customers. Better customer service can help set you apart from your competition.

What our customers are saying:


McCrimmon Trucking Inc.
Lebanon, TN

The Advanced Tracking Technologies System has increased productivity in our business. McCrimmon Trucking is a small trucking company that relies on economy in our drivers and admin personnel. The tracking system enables us to see what our drivers are going through from day to day on the road. It also helps us report to the dispatcher actual locations and distance to pick up or drop off locations.

Great Plains Steel
Lubbock, TX

Working with Advanced Tracking has been like a breath of fresh air. They are always responsive to our needs and do what they say without excuse. The tracking equipment was easily installed, instantly making a difference in overtime cost and productivity. They are a partner in business with your time and profitability as their main concern.

Paradise Valley Spas
San Mateo, CA

We are very pleased with our Shadow Tracker Vision II GPS system from Advanced Tracking Technologies. We have utilized the GPS devices in our fleet of service vehicle for over a year and in that time we have dramatically improved productivity and driver accountability.