GPS Tracking for Cleaning Services

Managing an effective fleet, protecting mobile assets and verifying employee work hours is important for residential cleaning services, commercial window washers and other janitorial service companies. ATTI’s GPS fleet management solutions work for small and large fleets, ranging anywhere from one to thousands of vehicles. With 24/7 real time tracking of your vehicles, you can ensure that your employees are arriving at their destinations on time. GPS vehicle tracking also encourages safe driving habits, reducing the number of liable accidents and insurance costs.

Here are a few reasons why our janitorial customers use ATTI’s GPS tracking solutions:

  • Employee Safety
  • Effectively Schedule Employees
  • Monitor & Manage Fleet Activity
  • Reduce Labor by 35%
  • Fuel Savings of 25%
  • Provide Proof of Service

What our customers are saying:

A1 Janitorial
El Paso, TX

We are extremely happy with our GPS tracking device. When we first installed it, we did not make our employees aware of the device. Immediately, we found out the employees were shaving hours off the jobs and reporting the full time allotted for the job on their time sheet. This is a problem for us as well as our customers; not taking the time to do the job correctly will cost us customers. We also found out one of the vehicles was being used for personal use. The tracking information program is also excellent and easy to use. I recommend any company who has workers in the field and they need to track vehicles and jobs to get this installed. You will be amazed at the results. Our labor was being inflated by 35% and we have cut our gas consumption by 25%.