Landscaping GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Landscaping designers, backyard renovation contractors and swimming pool builders can all utilize the ATTI GPS tracking systems to improve their fleet management. Managing employees while they’re in the field can seem difficult, but with our vehicles tracking and electronic timesheet solutions, verifying payroll and dispatching employees to jobsites is as easy as using a mobile app. By adjusting your custom settings, you can receive alerts when drivers speed, idle or leave a set geographical area. GPS tracking also allows you to verify the time spent at a job site and eliminate unauthorized vehicles usage.

Here are a few reasons why our landscaping customers use ATTI’s GPS tracking software:

  • Save on Fuel Costs
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Verify Time Cards
  • Manage Multiple Projects More Efficiently
  • Respond to Emergency Situations

What our customers are saying:


Acworth, GA

Vehicle tracking has been a blessing. It enables my office assistant to track the crews on any given day. To be able to know where your crews are and the length of time spent on properties is great. It keeps all employees honest when submitting time sheets, as they are being tracked and can’t submit more time than what was actually worked. I have also had customers call in stating they were not sure a crew was on their property and I can share the GPS tracking with them. We all have busy lives and this certainly makes a part of that chaos less stressful.

Prime Landscape Service
Arlington, TX

As you know I have used your GPS tracking units for the past 10 years. Initially I was having crews taking 1-hour lunches and claiming they were taking 30 minutes. Thirty minutes times 9 crews is 4.5 hours a day that was being basically stolen from the company. If you had 3 men in a truck at a cost of $40 per hour this was basically $20 times 9 trucks was $180 per day times 240 working days in a year $43,200 in expense.

It also helps us detect speeding trucks. Our trucks are pulling trailers and do not need to be speeding 80 miles and hour on the highway. We have caught guys making home stops. We have caught guys doing compensatory lawns that were nowhere on their list of things to do that day.

It has helped us see if routes were being run efficiently. When you have 30 plus trucks going out everyday it is basically just trust with verification and it helps to weed out bad apples in the company.

I would not own a vehicle based business and not have some way to detect that the routes were being done as I thought they were. Just the guys knowing they are on the trucks eliminates the majority of the B.S., but then there are always those few that think the tracker will not work or that we will not look at it that day.

ATTI has always been helpful from day one and if there is a problem they have always been responsive.

Prime Cut Lawncare
Dover, FL

We have found that the GPS tracking devices have definitely saved our company time and money while providing peace of mind. Once the devices were installed and the employees knew what they could do, things have changed for the better. There isn’t anymore going out of the way during work hours, getting lost or wasting gas. They also know we are watching their speed. We know how long they are at every stop (lawn service) so if the customer said we weren’t there long enough or not at all, we can check the GPS for the answer. The map is also a great tool for finding new accounts.