GPS Tracking Software for Pest Companies

Homeowners rely on pest control and fumigation companies to keep their houses pest-free and safe. Many businesses have used our GPS fleet management systems to monitor technicians while on the road. ATTI’s GPS vehicle tracking devices can be used to reduce fuel costs, optimize driver routes and increase customer satisfaction. When there is a minimum amount of time a technician must be at a job site, the system can be used to verify this requirement is met. In addition, electronic timesheets help your drivers to keep more accurate records of their hours worked and eliminate fraudulent entries.

Here are a few reasons why our pest control customers use ATTI’s GPS tracking software:

What our customers are saying:


Gillen Pest Control
Sugar Land, TX

Advanced Tracking Technologies’ Shadow Tracker Live software helped us save in fuel expense. We are able to show our drivers the cost incurred over time from idling their vehicles while filling out paper work.

Management was also able to determine any abuse of take home vehicles being used after hours for personal use.

Acme Pest Control
West Memphis, AR

The benefits are due to the fact all of my technicians are basically “on their own” once they leave my office in their service vehicle.

The system allows me to:

See how long they are at a stop and that the time matches what they put on their service order.

If a customer complains that our service was too quick, I can see how long my technician was there.

I can check if they are loafing and spending too much time for lunch, etc.

I get alerts if a technician goes home during the day or if they cross into geo fences to places they are not supposed to be.

Check speeds if they are driving too fast.
Check whereabouts and times if there is an accusation of theft in a customer’s home or business.

Give technicians directions from their current location; particularly, if they get lost in rural areas.

In the rare event a technician takes a service truck home for the night, I know if they used the truck after hours for personal business or are servicing someone “on the side.”

Make sure they are running their routes in an efficient manner – not “zig-zagging” all over the place.

Key Fumigation
Sarasota, FL

The GPS tracking units are great tools for our company. For instance, we have a time requirement that certain aspects of our job we must be on site for a minimum of an hour; the tracker documents the amount of time spent at a job site.

Also, CDL drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones, the trackers eliminate the need to call drivers to see where they are at and how far they are from the next job; it’s a great way to estimate arrival time for the next customer. Additionally, we can confirm the employee’s hours as well as document gas stops to coordinate with truck receipts.

We did have an instance where the trackers were proof that gas theft was occurring as former employee was using the gas card in a personal vehicle.