GPS Tracking for Plumbing Vehicles

Septic system service companies and plumbers often have to respond to customer emergencies and spend all of their time at various jobsites; this is why GPS vehicle tracking is so important for this industry. ATTI’s gives you 24/7 access to your fleet vehicles’ location and activities, making it easier for you to efficiently dispatch your fleet and ensure your technicians reach your customers when they need you. With historical fleet data that is stored for up to one year within our system, you can also verify payroll and identify trends with fleet activity. This allows you to reduce fuel costs and improve the overall productivity of your technicians and drivers.

Here are a few reasons why our plumbing customers use ATTI’s GPS tracking solutions:

Case Study:

  • 3-I Uses GPS Tracking to Improve Dispatching of Fleet

What our customers are saying:


Filan & Conner Plumbing
West Berlin, NJ

We have had Shadow Tracker for 2 years now and I would say this system has done very good things for our company. Our payroll is done by using the reports, which is the exact time. This saves us money and corrects disputes on time cards. We also have it running all the time so we can see where our service guys are at all times.

The 10-second update is the best in the market. In fact, there have been a number of competitors call me over the last 2 years and I tell them if you can beat the 10-second update, I will look at your system. Needless to say, those sales calls are very short.

Sometimes a customer will call and dispute the actual time we spent at their home. When I offer to print out the report, they always back down and agree to pay the bill. One of my favorite options is the GeoArea alert that sends me an email and text when a service truck leaves the area during non-working hours.

Aside from the system working efficiently and saving our company thousands of dollars, the technical and sales teams at Advanced Tracking are a pleasure to work with. I recommend this system to every business that wants control of their vehicles.

Howell Services
Rosenberg, TX

We have been extremely pleased with the GPS tracking systems we purchased from Advanced Tracking. We have been using your product for over 2 years now, and have had no maintenance concerns. They just seem to always work.

Since the installation of the GPS tracking devices on our vehicles, we have reduced our technicians’ overtime and fuel cost. Our company strives to give our customers exact appointment times. Before your tracking systems were installed, we had no way of verifying that our technician really did show up on time. Now they are being tracked and the problem basically resolved itself.

So many issues seem to have been resolved just by the technician knowing that we are tracking them. No more guessing or having to call the customer to verify that our technicians are being honest and following company policy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your GPS tracking systems and your efficient customer service.

Sewer Bee
Woodlawn, TN

When I first bought my GPS tracking unit, I installed it in one of my vehicles without telling anyone, I had suspicion that my employee was milking the clock. The first day, my employee clocked in and then left, but he went to his home and stayed at his house for about four hours. When he returned to the shop, I asked him if he made any unauthorized stops. He told me no he had stayed on the route. At that point I showed him where he went and how long he stayed. The tracker saved me four hours of labor, on that day.

Another situation is when a State Trooper came to the shop and stated that one of my trucks had been in a hit and run with a vehicle. He had a sworn statement that someone had seen my truck hit the other truck at a certain address. I used the tracker to find out if that vehicle was in that area. The tracker showed that my truck had not even been close to that area. No evidence of a hit and run and the tracker does not lie.