School Bus GPS Tracking

Benefits of GPS Tracking for School Buses

Here are a few reasons why our school district customers use ATTI’s GPS tracking solutions for their school bus fleets:

Staff & Student Safety

When transporting students between home and school, safety is the number one priority. With real-time GPS tracking, it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of each school bus in your fleet 24/7. Fleet managers receive automated alerts in case a bus veers off route or engages in unsafe driving. This gives students, parents, and staff peace of mind. Monitoring bus speed and other driving behaviors via our GPS tracking software also keeps bus drivers more accountable for their actions.

Monitor Bus Driver Activity

GPS tracking software calculates the amount of time it takes a school bus to travel to and from locations and engine idle time. Based on the reports our software generates, it is easy to optimize driver routes to decrease drive time, therefore reducing fuel costs and saving schools bus fleet managers both time and money.

Bus Maintenance Scheduling

Scheduling regular maintenance alerts helps keep you school buses running properly and prevent unnecessary downtime and breakdowns. Our GPS tracking software gives fleet managers the opportunity to address maintenance issues before bigger problems emerge. Vehicle mileage, time, and engine hours are just a few of the metrics available to customize and manage maintenance reports. In addition, ATTI stores one year of historical data to make identifying trends and long-term driver behavior simple.

Keep Bus Drivers Accountable

Along with GPS tracking software, we also offer driver time tracking software to make mobile employee time sheet verification easier and keeps employees accountable. ATTI’s time tracking device automatically calculates employee hours, eliminating errors and reducing preparation time.
Combined with our GPS vehicle tracking, the driver time tracking can reduce work hours and prevent unauthorized usage of fleet vehicles.

What our school district customers are saying:

The Suzuki School
Atlanta, GA

We have had the GPS tracking units on all of our vehicles now for about a year and we have not had any negative events on any of our vehicles during that time. So, while I can’t say that having the units on board stopped a theft or helped recover a vehicle, I can say that the mere presence of the GPS tracking units on the vehicles, along with the fact that all authorized drivers know that those units are there, has probably resulted in an already safe core of drivers becoming even safer.