GPS Security Fleet Tracking

Security guard fleets can work late hours at many venues. Business owners and fleet managers can have little information about the safety of their employees and the exact location of their vehicles during these hours, making GPS tracking the perfect way to monitor fleet safety and productivity. When your security officers report for their shifts, you can use our GPS vehicle tracking device and electronic timesheets to verify their location and hours worked. 24/7 access to their activity gives you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your officers, location of your assets, and customer satisfaction. Our systems also store one year of historical data to assist in job performance verification and fleet reports. Allowing you to utilize customer feedback regarding security services to maintain a productive and efficient security fleet.

Here are a few reasons why our security customers use ATTI’s GPS tracking solutions:

What our customers are saying:


American Eagle Sentry
Palm Coast, FL

We selected ATTI to track our fleet of security vehicles. The GPS has helped us insure that our employees remain active during their patrols and performing at client expectation levels. The system also verifies speed and stop duration, which help us, keep our insurance rates low and verifies officer activity for our clients. The use of the GPS tracking system has been an outstanding sales tool also.