Shadow Tracker Live Introductory Training Topics Covered:

  1. Software Interface Design
  2. User Administration- Usernames and Passwords, User Role Settings
  3. How to utilize both Real-time and Historical Tracking
  4. Unit Information- Unit Serial Numbers and Custom Name Creation
  5. Map Controls & Manipulation- Pinpoints, Geofence creation, Zoom controls, and Preset zoom levels
  6. Report Introduction- Running Reports, Setting Templates, Scheduling Reports to be delivered

Shadow Tracker Live Advanced Training Topics Covered:

  1. System Administration- Company information and Branch creation
  2. Driver Administration- Set up and Activation of Drivers
  3. Unit Information- Vehicle Branch Assignments & Group Vehicle Set Up
  4. Map Controls & Manipulation- Recalling pinpoints, Entities, & Geofences
  5. Alert Creation- Setting guidelines for your employees to follow
  6. Fleet Management- Vehicle Maintenance Reminders
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