GPS Tracking for Street Sweepers

For a workforce that operates exclusively in the field, such as pressure washing service workers and street sweeping employees, GPS fleet tracking provides managers with 24/7 access to important information. Whether your drivers work on highways, airports or parking lots, you can access their timesheets and vehicle location from your mobile device. Our GPS tracking software helps eliminate unauthorized vehicles usage, verify time spent on a job and protect your employees from late arrival accusations. Particularly useful for vehicles that are constantly on the move, you can also reduce total mileage driven during a job.

Here are a few reasons why our street sweeper customers use ATTI’s GPS fleet management systems:

What our customers are saying:

ServiceLink Commercial LLC
Tempe, AZ

We have installed GPS tracking units from Advanced Tracking Technologies on seven of our fleet vehicles. The GPS tracking units together with the tracking software have allowed us to optimize our nightly routes from one job to another, which has resulted in saved time, vehicle mileage, and fuel costs.

Another great benefit is our ability to provide documentation to our clients that our personnel were at their property at the specified date and time. One unexpected benefit was our ability to review each individual sweeper truck’s actual sweeping paths superimposed over an aerial photo of the client’s property. This allows us to literally see what the driver is actually sweeping and make adjustments or changes where needed.