Agriculture: Productivity and Asset Protection

GPS Tracking Agriculture
Managing an agricultural business comes with many complex and unique challenges. Many landowners are responsible for maintaining hundreds of acres of farm land, and in most cases, vehicles are needed in order to tend to these large amounts of land. The use of GPS tracking services assists workers and landowners with many farming tasks. Machine operated tasks such as fertilizing, cultivating, harvesting, and pest control can all be simplified through optimized vehicle routing.Our tracking technology gives agricultural business owners information that can be used to directly improve produc...
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GPS Fleet Tracking and Security Companies

security fleet tracking
Security services are often hired by businesses to patrol areas during prime business hours and nights. These services commonly require employees to work overnight when nobody else is present. Overnight shifts and off-site workers pose a unique challenge for security fleet managers regarding their employees and assets. The lack of information can cause many problems for security companies including:Proof of service Inaccurate employee logs Unauthorized vehicle usage Low customer satisfaction Employee safety Asset protectionATTI’s GPS tracking technology offers a solution for each o...
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5 Ways to Improve Fleet Productivity

A thriving business is always looking for new ways to increase productivity while maintaining employee safety. Time is the most valuable asset and accomplishing more in the lowest possible time period is crucial to maximizing company profits. Our GPS tracking technology is uniquely designed to give business owners the vital information they need in order to reduce costs, improve productivity, and ensure the safety of their mobile workforce. Here are a few ways that Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. can help you optimize your fleet’s performance.#1 Reduce Fuel CostsEmployee driving h...
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GPS Vehicle Tracking: 5 Common Misconceptions

Many business owners are still hesitant to incorporate GPS tracking services into their fleets because of common misconceptions. We understand the concerns that someone may have when considering GPS tracking solutions. Included is the most important misconceptions that have been proven false by the thousands of companies that joined with ATTI to meet their GPS tracking needs.#1. GPS tracking is too expensive for my companyExpense is an important concern with any business. Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. offers affordable GPS tracking solutions that are designed to help reduce flee...
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What Sets ATTI Apart in GPS Fleet Tracking

Who We Are Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) began product development in 1995 as a Houston-based GPS tracking manufacturer. We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and sales of GPS tracking products. With over twenty years of experience in GPS fleet tracking, we’ve assisted companies across the nation with efficiently managing and optimizing their vehicle workforce. Our Goal We at ATTI strive to ultimately save you money by providing a variety of fleet management products and services that allows you to conveniently monitor your mobile assets. Being a vertically integrated U...
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How to Start Using GPS Fleet Tracking

In a competitive marketplace, efficiency and simplicity are keys to successful fleet management. Take your business to the next level with innovative GPS fleet tracking technology from Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.Our simple and reliable GPS fleet tracking technology enables owners and operators to improve delivery times and strengthen customer service while curbing associated costs, including maintenance, fuel and employee overtime. View data live, onscreen at any time with our Shadow Tracker fleet management software. Historical route overlays show exactly where your fleet travels...
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How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Fleet Employees

GPS Tracking device
Introducing your employees to GPS tracking systems may seem like a daunting task, but, by following the guidelines we have set below, the transition can be seamless. At first, your employees may react defensively to being “tracked” at all times. They could perceive this as distrust when, in reality, GPS tracking is used to improve the overall performance of a fleet, not keep tabs on the drivers. With a thorough explanation of the benefits and features, you can steer the conversation in a positive direction and ensure a smooth transition. What should I say? Make sure that prior to your presen...
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Green Fleets: How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Fleet

Small steps to going green on a daily basis have a huge impact on the environment – and your wallet. Likewise, seemingly small driver behaviors can have a huge impact on ROI. Overtime, speeding, excessive idling and unnecessary drive time accumulate to thousands of additional dollars that fleets spend on fuel each year. This excessive fuel waste also adversely affects the environment, contributing the global warming, air, water and land pollution. How Create a “Green Fleet” with GPS Tracking The concept is simple, yet extremely effective: reduce idle engine time, reduce speeding and reduce t...
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