Tens of thousands of companies benefit from the use of Shadow TrackerĀ®. Here is just a small sample of the comments we get every day:



Dormont Appliance Company
Pittsburgh, PA

As you might recall, it took me a very long time to decide to use your system for our business.

The reports generated by ATTI not only exceed my expectations, but they are simple to retrieve. Your GPS tracking system has saved us an enormous amount of money. Once we started using it, we discovered that some drivers wasted a lot of time – as much as 2 hours a day. And the two drivers that I trusted the most were the worst violators.

We also discovered that they often took inefficient routes, which we have also now corrected. This helps us save on fuel, wages, overtime and wear and tear on the trucks. We are now able to do 20% more stops per day.

We have had (2) trucks stolen in the past five years. I never have to worry about that again. And I got a discount from our insurance company for having GPS tracking systems in our trucks.

All in all, ATTI was one of the best investments that I have made in our business.

Reliance Metal Center
Arlington, TX

Advanced Tracking Technologies has helped us in so many ways. Trying to put it all in perspective without writing a thesis regarding its benefits would be difficult. However, to sum it up, our GPS systems allow us to know everything about our truck routes, timeline, mileage, and where each and every driver is while they are in that truck.

It has been a very useful tool and I would suggest any company with one or more trucks have them installed. The savings certainly out weighs the cost.


IPM Integrated Pest Management
Elm, NJ

The GPS tracking unit we use has saved us money, more than enough to cover the cost! It has saved us on payroll and helped in scheduling our technicians.

We know where our techs are and when, so we know if there is time to add a job on their schedule, therefore increasing our production. Great product!

American Eagle Sentry
Palm Coast, FL

We installed ATTI’s real-time GPS tracking system on our fleet of security vehicles. Not only has this allowed us to monitor our drivers but also allows us to verify actual patrols to our clients. We allow clients to access and observe their assigned patrols in real-time which has been a great marketing tool.

ATTI has been great to work with and very responsive to our needs.


Barton Development Inc.
Lincoln, NE

I am with Barton Development Inc. and we own and operate 16 Subway restaurants. We use Advanced Tracking’s Live GPS trackers on our Area Managers. The tracking software is great, as it not only tracks where the car is, but also where it stops and how long it stops at each location.

It has helped us significantly in making sure our upper management is where it should be. This has helped us get more productivity out of our Area Managers. We have been able to greatly reduce drive time and make their days more efficient by tracking the hours and miles put on the vehicle each day.

This tracking device has ultimately led to some disciplinary actions and to one termination due to being able to track when and where the Area Managers are at all times. We are so happy with the product!