GPS Fleet Truck & Vehicle Tracking

Shadow Tracker® OBD™

Designed for companies who want an easy-to-use,  easy to install solution to manage their fleet. The simple “Plug and Play” design allows you to instantly install or move it to any car in seconds, while getting faster 4G updates and high definition historical tracking. Get plug and play GPS tracking at its best!

Shadow Tracker® Vision IV™

Designed for companies that need absolute reliability, with an easy to use, and scalable solution to manage their fleet. A simple 3 wire install, and internal battery backup enhances reliability even when unplugged. Easy to add PTO monitoring and control output features. This is professional GPS tracking at its best!

Fleet Truck Tracking Features

With Shadow Tracker® Live Software

gps fleet tracking software
gps truck tracking mobile app

Our newest GPS vehicle tracking device, the Shadow Tracker® Vision IV™, transmits at an unprecedented 10-second real-time update, showing you precisely where your vehicles are the exact moment you need to know. When managing a mobile workforce, whether a small or large fleet, it is important to monitor driver location and activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Proactive fleet truck tracking allows businesses to identify and correct issues, such as inefficient routes and idle engine time. ATTI’s mobile applications and desktop GPS truck tracking software also makes it easy for you to manage your fleet no matter where you are.

Benefits of Fleet Truck Tracking

GPS fleet tracking devices for commercial vehicles & trucks help businesses save on fuel costs, reduce labor rates and improve fleet productivity. ATTI has helped businesses track and manage their fleets for over 17 years. ATTI also offers training sessions and unlimited phone and web support to ensure customers make the most of their fleet tracking device. Whether you are a small catering company that needs to track one van or a waste management service with dozens of trucks, ATTI can customize a GPS tracking solution for your business and make your fleet operate more efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

We have partnered with an extensive array of coverage providers to offer the very best in service to our customers. ATTI GPS tracking solutions currently serve most of North America; including the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Our customers believe our system is very robust, but also very easy to use. We developed our system with the user in mind and continually improve our interface based upon feedback from our customers. Should you need assistance, our friendly customer service team is available and regularly provides training classes.

We work with many of our customers to produce integrated solutions to meet their goals and objectives. We have integrated our services into a dispatching network, mass transit scheduling platform, and produced specific reporting modifications for waste management companies, just to name a few.

Our industry leading 10 second updates provide you with the most accurate information available about your fleet. Our maps are among the most accurate in the industry and we pride ourselves on our commitment to continually improving our services.